New York City baseball stadiums don't get the kind of wackadoodle concession items as other arenas, like the Burgerizza in Atlanta or even this insane crap you can get at MetLife in New Jersey. But what our MLB teams lack in culinary creativity, they make up with in inventive food vessels. Case in point: the Grub Tub. I haven't been this excited to watch turncoat Jacoby Ellsbury weakly ground out with runners in scoring position since the Nacho Helmet.

A friend of Gothamist's shared with us this meal delivery innovation, which is essentially an inverse, oversized beverage lid fashioned into a bowl to store food. The straw pokes up through the chicken fingers (or whatever) so you can access your Big Gulp-sized carbonated sugar water without removing the lid. An entire meal you can hold with one hand, or stash in the cup holder, or place in a child's lap. It's brilliant, it's beautiful, it's going to make America great again. Look at these satisfied customers actors!

Truly, this is brilliant. Anyone who frequents sporting events knows the trauma of balancing those flimsy paper trays in one hand while attempting to cheer—or drink a beer—with the other. A Grub Tub of chicken fingers, fries and a large drink sets you back $18.50, according to our tipster, and the tubs can fit cups of varying sizes (and bottles), according to the website.

If the inventors at RP & Associates know their market, they'll give the fans what they really want next season: the Grub Tub Chicken Bucket.