The Hot Now sign will always be activated at Wylie Dufresne's forthcoming donut shop Du's Donuts and Coffee, which is opening as part of the William Vale Hotel's dining complex on Wednesday, April 26th. The innovative chef—who's been tooling around town since closing his East Village restaurant Alder in 2015—will be making sugared cake donuts to order in Strawberries and Cream and Cinnamon Apple, which will be served ~hot out of the fryer~.

Not all of the donuts will be hot, but all of them will be cake-based. Flavors include Mexican Hot Chocolate, Creamsicle, Grapefruit Chamomile, Pistachio Pink Lemonade, Banana Graham, Malted Coffee, Pomegranate Tahini, and Peanut Butter Yuzu. We'll wait patiently for an eggs benedict flavor, chef.

The coffee element of the operation will be supplied by Brooklyn Roasting Company, who've brewed their way across the land after opening in DUMBO in 2011.

107 North 12th Street;