Chef Wylie Dufresne has created myriad inventive and sometimes kooky dishes in his career, but surprisingly has never offered a burger on the menu of any of his restaurants. That changes starting now, with the chef debuting his first ever burger at his fun neighborhood eatery Alder.

The burger boasts a chuck and brisket mix from—who else?—Pat La Frieda; the Alder team then cooks shio kombu (seaweed seasoned with soy sauce, essentially) in a sake and tamari mix that purportedly adds an "element of umami." It gets further gussied up with an in-house beer cheese fortified with Greenport Harbor Brewing Harbor Ale and some sweetness from the Martin's potato roll it's perched upon. On the side, half-sour spears from The Pickle Guys.

For the man who made Eggs Benedict look like this, this looks like a pretty straight-forward burger. But then we come to the French Onion Soup Rings. "Sweet onions are battered in tempura that's made with cheese stock, and they're fried until super crispy and golden, and have a layer of gooey, melted gruyere on top." Sold.

The restaurant will be offering the burger Sundays through Thursdays from "6 to 86," aka 6 p.m. until it's sold out, and you'll have to sit at the bar to get it. Snag the burger only for $13 or order the "All-In Burger," which comes with half an order of French Onion Soup Rings and a pint of Harbor Ale.