In April, chef Wylie Dufresne debuted his new donut operation, Du's Donuts, as part of Williamsburg's William Vale Hotel's dining options. It was just the donuts to start—in flavors like Coffee Malt and Pomegranate Tahini—but now Dufresne is tackling the other big day starter: the breakfast sandwich.

Beginning today, Du's will serve a cross between a classic BEC and a grilled cheese. Two slices of Martin's potato bread hold soft scrambled eggs with bacon bits, cream cheese and Land O' Lakes American cheese.

Dufresne tells Grub Street the sandwich is inspired by meals at Joe Jr., but it's doubtful the Gramercy diner is scrambling their eggs, spreading them on a sheet tray and then slicing squares of the cooled egg mixture to fit the bread, as Dufresne is doing here. The sandwich is finished on the flattop, just like a grilled cheese sandwich should be.

Dufresne's obsession with eggs is well documented, from his "iconic" rendition to Eggs Benedict to his obsession with the bodega egg and cheese. This isn't even Dufresne's first crack at the BEC market: he collaborated with Dominique "Mr. Cronut" Ansel to create a $20 egg sandwich last year.

Mercifully, the offering at Du's only costs $4.75 (or $4.25 for a vegetarian version). The sandwich will only be available Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. or while supplies last.

107 North 12th Street;