Have you ever dreamed of having some roti and chick pea curry—and not paying for it? Well, the Wall Street Journal is making that dream come true with an article about the elaborate cooking operation at the Sikh Cultural Society in Richmond Hill. Yes, Queens.

Seven days a week, from 5 a.m. till 11 p.m., the Sikh Cultural Society serves free food—which is blessed in the prayer hall or kitchen— from its langar. The WSJ reports, "It's tasty food (if you have a penchant for a little spice and don't miss the meat). Vegetable curries and dal, plenty of rotis to soak it all up and an array of sugary Indian sweets... Anyone is welcome, and there are many in this working-class community who start their day there with a cup of chai and chole (chick pea curry)."

Sewa Singh, who manages the kitchen, said the kitchen goes through "200 pounds of dal, 15 50-pound bags of onions and 70 20-pound bags of roti flour" a week. And how does the volunteer-run kitchen get funding? Mostly from members: "There is never a shortage of sponsors, who pay $501 for Sunday's meal, $351 for Friday's dinner, $200 for weekday lunches and $150 for breakfast."

Now that the Wall Street Journal has blown the cover on this sweet deal, we can't wait to see its readership flock to Richmond Hill for that bowl of free dal. Here's a video of the Sikh Cultural Society's 2010 grand opening (its previous building burned down):