Around Thanksgiving, much attention is given to how to not set your house on fire while deep frying a turkey, and to that delicious abomination of a dish, the turducken. But today, the Wall Street Journal (paywall) eye-fucks another dish that gets the Frankenstein treatment, and became an internet sensation. The "cherpumple" is a three-layer cake (yellow, spice, white) with a pie baked inside of each layer (cherry, pumpkin, apple). Creator Charles Phoenix says, "It both intrigues and horrifies people." So how did he come up with this mad dish?

Phoenix said his family always took slivers of each pie and of cake at Thanksgiving, so he figured the natural progression of the dessert would just be to combine everything. The take is made by fully baking a cherry, pumpkin and apple pie, then putting each in a cake pan, pouring cake batter over them, and baking them until the cake is done. Phoenix also advises serving it with spoons if it collapses, because "The physics of it provide a kind of 'will or won't it collapse' situation." Or you could just eat three pies and three cakes; gluttony does not discriminate.