Preparing a three-course meal in fierce wind and rain while on an Dominican bluff? Check. Cooking a goat in Fiji? Check. Diving for fish only for a humpback whale to join you? Check! When three well-known chefs are dropped into remote locations all around the world where they must forage and hunt their own food and cook it in the elements before sharing it with locals, you've got BBC America's recipe for adventure, culture and gastronomic wonder: No Kitchen Required, airing on Tuesdays at 10pm Eastern / 9pm Central.

Featuring New York chef Michael Psilakis, “Chopped” Grand Champion chef Madison Cowan and international chef Kayne Raymond, No Kitchen Required spans Dominica, New Zealand, Belize, Fiji, and Thailand, as well as Hawaii, New Mexico, Louisiana and Florida. The chefs have been sharing their thoughts about their whirlwind culinary journey with us while we've been exploring the best places to eat and buy exotic foods in the city, chatting with urban forager Steve Brill and learning how one NYC chef manages to cook for crowds in a tiny 30-square foot kitchen without an oven or range—click through for mouthwatering details.