2005_10_swoody.jpgA little more than a week ago, Gothamist wished that we could have sumo wrestlers walking the streets of New York. Now, with a sumo wrestling event Saturday at Madison Square Garden, Gothamist sort of got our wish. While we still don't see any pictures of giant men walking down the street, The Times does supply one image of sumo wrestlers eating at the Carnegie Deli. What did they eat? The Woody Allen, which is described as "lotsa corned beef plus lotsa pastrami" (two pounds worth, says The Times).

Perhaps the most shocking information from the article is that only one wrestler finished his sandwich, another consumes 10,000 calories a day, and that they are traveling in mini-vans. It seems like they were going to do touristy stuff in double-decker busses, but the wrestlers were too big for parts of the busses.