via the Cupcake Project

Remember those chicken wing topped cupcakes? It turns out that wasn't the only way we could give the cupcake a fast food makeover. Enter: the Cupcake McNugget. How did it take us so long to get here?

Stefani Pollack created both of the aforementioned franken foods—the latter was done by slicing up real, perfectly fine on their own cupcakes, dipping them into eggs, buttermilk, and breading, then deep frying them. Looking to take the unhealthy factor up to a heart-stopping 11? You can then dip them into things like frosting, jelly, buckets of lard, or maybe even BBQ sauce. Look for them at a local midwestern state fair any day now. And maybe even McDonald's will pick up the idea—these would be great dipped into a milkshake, after all. [via Neatorama]