We all remember the childhood warning: Don't take candy from strangers! Well what if that "stranger" was actually your cabbie? The Daily News today profiles Mansoor Khalid, a NYC taxi driver who stocks his cab full of sweet treats that he offers to all his fares. Skittles, Nerds, Gobstoppers and other hard candies are spread along the back windshield ready to add a touch of sweetness to a bitter cab ride.

“The New York life is not the easy life. People are depressed. I see a lot of people stressed sitting back there," explains Khalid, who knows first-hand just how difficult life can be. In April, Khalid's two-year-old son passed away after a long battle with heart disease. While he was caring for his son in the hospital, Khalid would often bring nurses and doctors coffee and desserts. "They got so happy when in the middle of the night I gave every person coffee," he said. “I was so nice to them and they were so nice to me.” And thus the Candy Cab NYC was born.

Khalid began a Twitter account (@CandyCabNYC) to document his daily life as a confectionary cabbie and already his feed is littered with praise from delighted customers:

Until now Khalid has offered just hard candies and the like but a conversation on his Twitter feed yesterday brought up the question of chocolates: "I will see couple of days how it will work, because winter is on the way. So I hope it will not melt," explained Khalid. "I bought bunch kind of mini best quality chocolates, I will start with that Friday night."

So what say you, discerning taxi riders of New York City: