The sun wasn't quite over the yardarm, but that didn't stop special deli correspondent Tien Mao from knocking back an Apple Latke Martini or two at the new 2nd Avenue Deli's grand opening this morning. Yesterday we revealed that the famous deli's Upper East Side location would open with a celebratory round of Apple Latke Martinis, which are made with a potato vodka mixed with homemade apple sauce, with a twist of lemon and garnished with one of the 2nd Ave Deli’s famous potato pancakes. And behold! Would you hit that? Mao would.

Mao was expected back at Gothamist HQ by noon to file a full report on the new 2nd Ave Deli location, but now that we've glimpsed the murky brown cocktail he's currently pounding in the name of journalism, it seems that deadline is clearly jeopardized. Stay tuned for breaking news reports of an emotionally disturbed drunken man wearing nothing but a garland of stolen 'nickel shtickel' salami links as he streaks through the Second Avenue subway tunnel bearing fistfuls of pastrami.