We were fascinated by today's Salon article, "Bad Taste," in which prominent food writers chronicle their absolute worst meals ever. Jane and Michael Stern, Regina Schrambling, Steven Rinella, Julie Powell, Michael Ruhlman and Robert Sietsema all chime in with stories of "washcloth steak," "embryonic duckling boiled alive in its shell, one week before birth," (apparently a Filipino delicacy), and "mealy" skate with "low-tide nasty" lobster foam, prepared by Rocco DiSpirito.

2006_10_food_moldybagel.JPGAfter reading, we tried to conjure up a recollection of our worst meal. It's unclear if we have blocked it out due to the trauma or simply couldn't remember, but we couldn't come up with anything. And so we turn to you -- bring on your food horror stories. Was there a meal you had to choke down to appease your hosts? A dish that made you puke (or worse) for days afterwards? Or, like Julie Powell, a bit of food that causes more emotional disgust than physical? We'd love to hear all about it.