A group of 13 brave souls visited 200 bars in 10 hours, breaking the all-time pub crawl Guinness World Record of 170 set by a group in Chicago, the Daily News reports. Completely defeating the purpose of bar crawling, one member of the group drank a half-pint of beer at each establishment. No word on whether the Guinness World Record committee will acknowledge Randy Daufman, who yesterday consumed 200 beers in one bar, and whose ex-wife is apparently a "no good, thieving whore."

The group ended at Solas on East 9th Street in the East Village where leaders—and married couple— Chris Solarz and Bea Reig drank the final, record-breaking beer at the bar where they met at a speed-dating event. "Some people have real problems," Solarz told the paper, "I'm worried about getting to the next bar on time." Indeed, if only he'd stopped to listen to a few of the folks sitting at the bar.