New York City boasts a hearty contingent of Michelin-starred restaurants: all delicious, but many prohibitively expensive for a routine visit. At some point this fall, however, the world's least expensive eatery to earn a Michelin nod will open an outpost in New York City, bringing its lauded bargain eats to Greenwich Village.

The Village Voice reports that Hong Kong-born Tim Ho Wan, a dim sum-centric eatery with outposts in Australia and Thailand and beyond, will open the first USA location at 4th Avenue and 10th Street inside a former Spice restaurant space. Proprietor Mak Kwai Pui is currently seeking a "local Chinese face" to be chef at the restaurant, which will steam up glistening prawn dumplings, baked buns and other dim sum specialities in addition to "dishes appealing to American appetites, including 'high quality beef dishes.'"

Unlike the point-and-grab cart system common at many dim sum restaurants, Mak's system includes a printed menu with pictures and descriptions of each dish, where diners select their desired dishes—all priced under $5—and hand over to the staff. The restaurant will also serve alcohol.