A haughty dog on the Upper East side could cost Shake Shack a cool two million. According to the Post a local woman is suing the UES outpost of the ever trendy and canine positive burger shop for not being too vigilant with their four-legged friends.

Last week Cindy Cirlin filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Supreme Court against the Danny Meyer money maker saying that she was injured earlier this year at the chain's 86th and Lexington location when a dog "attached" to one of the restaurant's chairs knocked her down. But instead of being mad at the dog owner her issue seems to be the fact that the burger chain—which has been offering "Pooch-tini" dog biscuits since it first opened—didn't think its puppy policy through well enough.

According to the suit, Shake Shack "was negligent in its failure to protect [Cirlin] from the anticipated dangers of allowing dogs to be attached by leashes to its flimsy and unanchored chairs." And to make up for its negligence Cirlin wants some serious cash. Reps from the Shack have yet to respond to our request for comment.