Seven years ago Monserrate Luna, 49, says she was eating her in-flight meal of chicken and vegetables on an American Airlines flight out of JFK when she unintentionally consumed "a chunk of lizard" that was mixed in with her food. Some people would call that a "bonus," but in January of this year Luna filed a lawsuit against the airline and its food supplier, LSG Sky Chefs. So why are we hearing about this now?

It's unclear why it took so long for Luna's story to make the tabloids, but today the Post reports that she suffered a rash, bloating and diarrhea after eating the in-flight meal. Of course, that seems like a pretty standard reaction to airline food, so she better have some better evidence than that if she wants to win her $15 million lawsuit, hey-o. The Post's article is a scant 59 words long, and at press time that's about all we know. Nevertheless we are contractually obligated to blog about these motherfu*king lizards on a motherfu*king plane.