A woman is suing the Upper East Side bar The Stumble Inn after she stumbled there and fell down a flight of stairs, causing serious knee and spinal damage.

According to the lawsuit, which was filed in Bronx Supreme Court and reviewed by Gothamist, Diana Ortiz, 30, went to the bar at East 76th Street, near Second Avenue, with a friend on October 19th, 2018. She says she had consumed one beer before she headed downstairs to go to the bathroom; she claims in the suit that the stairway was poorly lit and there was no warning to customers to watch their step.

According to the lawsuit, Ortiz fell about 10 steps, resulting in knee damage that developed into "excruciating" back pain; she ended up with a herniated disc that required spinal surgery this past April.

The suit described the stairwell as "dangerous, defective, hazardous, unsafe, uneven, broken, worn, poorly maintained, dilapidated, inadequately illuminated and/or excessively slippery condition(s) with a tripping/slipping hazard(s) present there at." The suit blames management for failing to comply with "applicable statutes, ordinances, rules, codes, standards and/or regulations, thereby causing plaintiff's accident and resulting injuries."

"Unfortunately, I think my client’s accident highlights a systemic problem in New York City," Ortiz's attorney Blake Goldfarb told Gothamist. "It’s far too common for bars to have run down, poorly maintained interiors, including staircases, that do not comply with building codes. When they’re serving liquor and inviting people to drink, safety is even more of the utmost importance."

Gothamist has reached out to The Stumble Inn for comment, and will update if we hear back.

Ortiz is seeking an undisclosed amount of compensation for her injuries. While she is still in pain at times, she is very aware of the irony of the incident: “Honestly, when I told my brother, he laughed at me,’’ Ortiz told the Post. “When I tell people about my situation…everyone is just shocked. They’re just like, ‘That’s such a coincidence, that it’s the Stumble Inn.'"

See, this is why you'll never see us knocking back a pint at Neckstab Tavern or Ingrown Toe 'N' Ale House.