A woman was injured after falling through a panel covering an opening to the basement at a Manhattan restaurant yesterday. Her husband said "that she was seriously injured and in a lot of pain."

The incident occurred yesterday afternoon inside Joy Burger Bar, on Lexington at the corner of East 100th Street. There are conflicting reports about the incident, but it appears the woman and her husband were at a table at the front of the restaurant, on top of a hatch that opens onto the basement. The woman's husband told NBC New York that "the floor door suddenly gave way." And WABC 7 reports that "the floor gave out beneath her."

WCBS 2, however, reports that "there is a metal panel set into the floor. The panel can be lifted up to provide access to the basement. At some point this afternoon, the panel was up, and somehow a woman visiting the restaurant with her husband fell through the open hole into the basement about 7 1/2 to 8 feet below."

However it happened, rescuing the woman proved tricky. The FDNY was not able to get the woman out through the hatch, but gained access to the basement "through a very small door on the 100th Street side on the south side of the building," according to WCBS 2. She was reportedly taken to St. Luke's Hospital in stable condition.

NBC New York was at the restaurant later in the day, where the panel was closed and another diner was sitting over it:

The restaurant had no information about the incident: