If you've long-suspected that all those cutesy cupcake shops popping up all over the city were really just a ploy by the sweets industry to help criminals rob you blind, you're (probably) totally right. Cops in New Jersey say a woman offered a Fair Lawn man a neighborly batch of cupcakes—before swiping his keys and stealing his car. On the bright side though, free cupcakes!

Police say 23-year-old Shannon Henry went to a neighbor's house on Wednesday bearing the baked goods; the neighbor let her in, and cops say she took the opportunity to pocket his car keys. The next day, the neighbor noticed a bowl of about $10 worth of change was missing...along with his 2010 Kia.

Hopefully, Henry's a better baker than she is an alleged thief, because cops found the missing car in a parking lot just across the street. She's currently being held at a local jail on $10,000 bail, and faces charges of burglary, theft and failure to use room temperature butter.