Woman Famous For Knocking Over Newspaper Stands To Eat Pickles

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Yesterday, the woman in the above photo took Reddit by storm in a thread titled, "This lady knocked down the newspaper stand so she can devour her pickle comfortably...only in New York." It turned out that several people in the thread had come across the woman, who had also appeared on DrawNYC Friday. And it also turned out that the woman was previously featured in a music video for her pickle-eating (skip to 2:30 below)!

The Voice noticed her "Occupying" a box of their publications in the fall. User GoGoGadge7 said they had encountered her before screaming at people around midtown; user Mr-Personality said he had seen her around the Times Square Pedestrian Plaza insulting people. Gnomeseason wrote, "This is my neighborhood, oy. This woman is /constantly/ in front of the Think coffee on Bleeker and Bowery, lying on overturned newspaper stands, singing...Anyways, she asks me where my parents are every time I walk past her. (I guess I look young.)" Ford347ci had an even longer testimonial:

Ok so I totally know this lady. I watched her drag a newspaper stand right past a NYPD officer in Times Square and throw it on the ground and sit on it to eat (in the rain).

She came up to me once and asked me "can I have that?" And it was an empty pack of cigarettes. She seemed happy about that.

Another time she was laying down on the big rock seat things on the side of the road (in a pose that would be proper for like some 80's modeling magazine or Roman statue). Shortly after scratching herself and chain smoking for an hour she decided to start pissing herself right there while laying for all to see.

She also has like some sort of really fucked up feet (I don't think she wears shoes which may contribute) which are really swollen and black and she just lays down in various places rubbing her feet for hours.

I nicknamed her "ambrosia" for obvious reasons and I've sort of spread the word of her new-found nickname.

It's a bit sad that I know this much about her.

I've seen her scream at children.

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