The great chili caper has finally come to an end: a Yonkers woman was arrested at a White Plains Victoria Secret yesterday for dumping a vat of chili on a panties display in a fit of fiery anger.

19-year-old Lauren Jackson has been a wanted woman ever since the chili-tossing incident way back in April, when, following a dispute over allegations of shoplifting, she poured a container of chili across 65 pairs of panties, ruining $750 worth of merchandise. Earlier this week, Jackson returned to the scene of the crime and was promptly busted by an employee who remembered her from the pungent prior incident. She was charged with third-degree criminal mischief, which is a felony offense. If convicted, it could be the harshest underwear-related punishment since three students were expelled from the University of Mississippi after a devastating campus-wide panty raid caused incalculable damage to undergraduate unmentionables.