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So, you've already seen how great Blue Apron is. It's easy, a good value, and, most importantly, it's educational. Instead of continuing to settle on microwaved grease and congealed noodles, learn to cook like a real person. You'll eat fewer calories, spend less money, learn a life skill, and feel generally less ashamed of the life you've begun to lead. Here, to illustrate:

For $4.50, you could treat yourself to this frozen delight.

Romantic Hot Pocket dinner for one. #strugglemeal #shittyfoodporn

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Or, for $5.50 more, you could make three orders of summer rolls with actual shrimp and actual vegetables.

Did I really just make Vietnamese Spring Rolls for Lunch? #BlueApron Wonders

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In 10 seconds, you could be back in college.

Easy cheese, "cheddar", over whole grain wheat thins served on a napkin #ShittyFoodPorn #picoftheday

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Or, in 30 minutes, you could have one two glasses of wine (not from a box) with chicken and cheddar biscuits (not from a can).

The ultimate 2 in 1: chicken casserole with cheddar biscuits right on top! Recipe in our bio.

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For 20 minutes in the drive-thru, you could have dinner for two.

Or you could make these lamb & beef sliders for some fast food worth a damn, then eat them all yourself.

Best of both worlds: mini burgers, giant flavor. Double tap for National Cheeseburger Day!

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With the finesse of a drunk person, you could make this.

#shittyfoodporn #reddit

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Or, with the finesse of a drunk person, you could put some blackened fish on some cheese grits. Just as humble as the above, but less... white.

You could put on sweatpants for this.

Hillbilly steak sandwich. #shittyfoodporn

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Or you could eat this maple ginger-glazed salmon and run a 5K. Should you? No. But at least there are farm-fresh parsnips?

Alone, you could eat... this.

🍜😂👌 #ramen #ramennoodles #ratchet #classy

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Or you could impress your date/wife/hot neighbor with this chicken tsukune ramen. This ramen is prepared with Sun Noodles, not despair.

Tonight's #blueapron dinner: Chicken Tsukune Spring Ramen!

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Do you skip right to the family-size pizza rolls in the freezer aisle? Does the delivery guy address you by name? Do you sometimes wake up smelling like Spaghettios? Maybe it's time to try Blue Apron, a service that delivers gourmet ingredients for gourmet meals right to your door. Learn to cook, discover new tastes, and save a little bit of your pride, all at the same time.

If you sign up now, you'll get two free meals AND be just in time to get next week's fall-themed meal: Butternut Squash and Caramelized Fennel Pizza, topped with goat cheese fresh from Vermont Creamery.