Oooh, Itsu Sushi has opened downtown! What's the big deal about Itsu? For starters, it's the from the same chain as the one where former KGB spy Alexander Litvinenko had lunch on the day he was fatally poisoned with polonium!

The branch owner Luke Fryer told the International Herald Tribune, "It's greatly increased the profile of our business." Ha. The Itsu in London was given a "clean bill of health," and apparently business is good as they sold out quickly yesterday. Fryer says he is looking to get a liquor license for the 250 Vesey Street and is interested in opening one in Midtown, too. Hmm, while former KGB spies in NYC may not head there, it'll definitely be considered for Law & Order.

Wikipedia on Litvinenko. And Slate wonders who smuggled in the polonium to London.