The comforting cuisine of the Midwest appears to be having a moment and now a new Wisconsin fast casual joint has joined the mix. 5 Oz. Factory, which specializes in Wisconsin cheese melts and frozen custards, opened at the end of August deep in the heart of NYU territory on West 8th Street. Packing on that Freshman 15 has never been easier!

The Wisconsin-based owners source the dairy from their home state, from the milk and cream for the custards to the variety of cheeses used inside the melts. The overstuffed sandwiches come oozing with heaps of cheese, meat and veggies from the relatively simple 5oz. Factory Melt (cheddar, swiss, gruyere, colby on brioche, $7.25) to the decked out From WI to NY with LOVE ($10.50) stuffed with 4-Year Aged White Cheddar, orange cheddar, PBR soaked Bratwurst, Sauerkraut and stone ground dijon mustard on a "trencher."

Photographer Scott Lynch sampled the Frozen Custard, which he describes as "insanely dense" due to a lack of air in the mixture. A create-your-own-custard means mixing in some of their many offerings from seasonal fruit to rainbow confetti to a brownie; or select one of their signatures mixes like the Chocolate Malted Salted Caramel ($7.25): chocolate and caramel frozen custards mixed with malted powder, hot caramel and Fleur de Sel.

24 West 8th Street, (212) 777-6455;

5 Oz Factory menu