When we last left off with Anna Wintour's battle against the proposed Jamaican eatery Miss Lily's, Wintour seemed to have the upper hand. 97 of 100 residents on Community Board 2's committee declared they'd vote against the project, which Wintour says will bring unwanted noise and traffic to West Houston and Sullivan Streets. But restaurateur Serge Becker's lawyer Miriem Soliman has been campaigning hard for the new joint, and with possibly good reason: sources tell the Post Becker is the father of her child!

Ok, that was really just a bit of soap opera drama to keep the whole story interesting, but Jamaican food fans have been gaining on the Vogue editrix. One local said that "every single direct neighbor above and east and west of the location has signed a petition in support of the restaurant." Others call Wintour a hypocrite.

Wintour lives just a block away from popular Minetta Tavern, but has never complained about the restaurant, which stays open until 2 a.m. At the last community board meeting, Wintour's 24-year-old son said of Miss Lily's, "I don't care if you call it a restaurant. No restaurant stays open until 2 a.m." Minetta owner Keith McNally said, "Minetta doesn't deliver, but we deliver to Anna." Maybe if she started getting some late-night jerk chicken delivery she'd change her tune.