Fraudster Rudy Kurniawan, who'd been convicted of selling counterfeit wines to wealthy oenophiles late last year, was finally sentenced today. The Times reports that Kurniawan was sentenced to 10 years in prison for his crimes, which included selling fake bottles of rare wines "worth" $1.3 each to people like Bill Koch. Finally, some justice for billionaires.

In addition to the hard time, Kurniawan was also forced to hand over $20 million and pay restitution to the tune of over $28 million. Beneficiaries of said restitution could include Quest Software founder David Doyle, Univision CFO Andrew Hobson and others. Not receiving restitution will be Bill Koch, who reached an out-of-court settlement of $3 million before sentencing. From the Times: "Mr. Koch, who has long campaigned against wine fraud, appeared on the stand last year and testified that he 'got conned, got cheated' by Mr. Kurniawan’s schemes."

There's no information about where Kurniawan will serve out his sentence—could it be at a white collar crimes institution where he could (in theory) run into former clients? Wouldn't want to be a witness at that toilet booze cocktail party. Awkward! Following the completion of his sentence, Kurniawan could also be deported to Indonesia, where he retains citizenship.