The Times reports that Gov. Paterson is once again pushing to allowing New York groceries to be able to sell wine, as a means of raising revenue for our depleted deficit. The same measure was defeated last year, largely due to lobbying efforts by wine store owners and distributors who feared losing business. But under the new proposal, wine and liquor stores for the first time could sell "breads, cheeses and other items that would go naturally with wine," install A.T.M.'s in-store, and sell directly to restaurants, bars and convenience stores! Watch your back, 7-Eleven.

On the discussion board at eRobert, an independent consumers guide to wine, oenophile G Tatar wrote, "As some of you know, New Yorkers are particularly fragile people, and the temptation to purchase a bottle of wine while buying a head of lettuce is more than most of us can withstand." But the solution's simple: everybody knows you shouldn't go grocery shopping when you're hungry, so we'll just have to stop shopping sober, too.