If you could dine with your favorite Italian chef in New York, who would it be? Maybe you'd have some truffled egg toast with Jason Denton of 'inoteca, dine al fresco with Silvano Marchetto of Da Silvano, or talk about NASCAR with Mario Batali of Otto over a bottle of prosecco. You may just get your chance. Bene, the Italian lifestyle magazine, is hosting New York Toasts Italy, a dining and shopping event celebrating all things Italian here in New York. Each chef will be creating a multi-course tasting menu just for the occasion and hosting their dinners. We've got two tickets to give away to the first reader who can email us with the correct answers to the following questions:
1) What are the four classifications for Italian wine?
2) What ingredients did Mario Batali tell us we should have on hand to make a great pasta dish?
Let us know which of the three chefs you'd like to dine with.

UPDATE: We have a winner, who has already been notified by email. Thanks to all who responded!