Williamsburg's White Castle is no more. "We closed this morning," the employee who answered the White Castle's phone said. "We're just packing stuff up now."

The fast food franchise's death was first noted on Twitter by Foster Kamer:

The Brooklyn Paper reported last year that White Castle's lot at Metropolitan and Humbolt sold to 781 Metro Investors for $6.72 million. The location opened in 1992, back when Williamsburg was a gritty, yet nurturing melting pot for working class Brooklynites and Pavement fans alike, a place infinitely, ineluctably better than the place that exists today.

Condos appear destined for the space, while White Castle's regional director has promised another Williamsburg location in the near future. Seven locations in the borough just isn't enough.

Was this particular White Castle more than just a place to eat mass produced hamburgers? Is its "eviction" by rising property values a metaphor for the entire neighborhood? Stick around the internet for the next 72 hours and find out.