Williamsburg's grungy dive venues are dwindling as the neighborhood enters the Whole Foods era. Those numbers will be one fewer on Saturday, June 27th, when Trash Bar will be officially put out on the curb. The bar announced its last rager on Facebook, promising an "epic and chaotic" evening just like the bar's heyday in the mid-aughts.

End of an era...THE OFFICIAL FINAL NIGHT THE TRASH BAR will be open is Saturday, June 27th...Don't miss out on what's...

Posted by The Trash Bar on Friday, June 5, 2015

Bedford + Bowery notes that the last night will feature sets by "pysch-rocky acts Wounded Buffalo Theory, Marble Faun, and The Gypsy West."

Old Trashy got a few more months than expected following the closure news last December. At the time, booking agent Walter Stack said his rent was expected to quadruple, and the team "might look at Bushwick." In the intervening months owners made a bid for 63 Montrose Avenue in a not-quite-as-gentrified section of the neighborhood. At least for now.

It's still unclear if the 63 Montrose space, or any other space, will work out, but it's always difficult to recapture the spirit of something rooted in a specific time and place.