Starbucks's fledgling Williamsburg outpost has barely taken its first steps and now the chain has announced a second location opening in the nabe, this time on the north side. The Seattle coffee giant will open a new store on North 7th between Bedford and Berry but it won't be any old pumpkin spice wielding cafe; this one'll give you two kinds of buzz, with plans to sell beer or wine, reports The Brooklyn Paper.

"Just as every customer is unique, so are our stores and we consider a broad range of products and services for each location," explains Starbucks spokeswoman Haley Drage. Also on the table for the second Williamsburg foray, a special limited-run "reserve" coffee, which would pit it against the neighborhood's many highbrow coffee spots. It should be noted that the new 'Bucks would open just down the block from Dunkin Donuts.

The chain must still await SLA approval before the booze starts flowing. If approved, it would join the scant 30 stores that serve alcohol out of the chain's astonishing 20,000 stores. So take heart, Williamsburg; you're still sort of unique.