The generally well-received Potlikker on Williamsburg's Southside appears to be closed for good. The phone number for the Bedford Avenue restaurant is disconnected, Open Table is no longer facilitating reservations, the establishment was locked up tight over the weekend, and the reliable neighborhood Thai restaurant Khao Sarn has announced plans to relocate into the space in November.

Liza Queen, a talented chef and restaurateur known for her trailblazing Greenpoint restaurant Queen's Hideaway, opened Potlikker in 2012 with high hopes and a 14 year lease. The reviews were mostly positive, though some felt the menu was overpriced. (It wasn't cheap.) Queen has not responded to our email requesting comment about the closure, but this hilariously strange Yelp review suggests Potlikker's been closed since July.

In other Williamsburg dining news, the owner of the nearby restaurant Rabbithole says he's opening up a new eatery next door to Skinny Dennis on Metropolitan Avenue. This space is the former home of the Collapsable Hole theater, where many freakishly good shows by the inimitable Radiohole were created and performed. The theater closed last year, and Rabbithole owner Lawrence Elliot says his new venture there will be a pan-Asian restaurant called The Monarch Theater. ("Not Asian fusion," Elliot cautions, "But, as with the Rabbithole, the food that we like.") It will open some time next year.

And, as we reported Friday, the infamous old bank on the corner of Bedford Avenue and Grand is being turned into a Flemish brasserie called Witlof, from the owner of Radegast Hall. That's expected to open sometime this fall. Oh, and a restaurant called Salt + Charcoal, serving charcoal-grilled Japanese food, finally opened in that old bakery spot on the northwest corner of Bedford and Grand this weekend.