Relish, a classic chrome railcar-style diner which Forgotten New York says dates back to the early 1950s, has abruptly closed, according to numerous online reports. If true, this is a certified bummer, because everything was really good at Relish, from the food to the cocktails to the spacious side yard—and without any of the attitude you find at Diner, the neighborhood's other vintage diner.

A call to Relish was fielded by an employee who declined to give his name, but who told us, "We're closed today for a photo shoot." When asked about rumors that Relish had closed permanently, the employee replied, "Ummmmm..." and declined to say anything more. But according to the Facebook pages of two employees, Relish's owners have shut it down. The diner's website is currently down, and a tipster tells us "last night was the last night." Oh well, we could always use another Duane Reade.