If you've wandered up Bedford Avenue lately in search of a cheap oversized margarita in a Styrofoam to-go cup, you've probably noticed, and been bitterly disappointed, that perennial dive-bar favorite Turkey's Nest Tavern has been shuttered since last week. It's a real blow to the neighborhood's legions of drunk McCarren park picnickers, and the cranky old men who stare at them.

According to the fun-hating Department of Health, who visited the space three times in the last month and somehow weren't charmed by the rancid bathrooms and absinthe slushies, the Nest was crawling with mice and flies. It was deemed a "public health hazard," and boom, down the shutter went.

A Nest rep wasn't available for comment when we called, but an owner told Runnin' Scared that they're just closed for some November "spring cleaning," and should be back in business tomorrow night. Reservoir-sized maragaritas and splitting hangovers for all!