Hip Williamsburg cocktail bar (how redundant) Donna is back and hipper than ever, with a newly elongated cocktail list proving that no stinkin' electrical fire is going to keep the neighborhood's suspendered inebriates from enjoying the bar's signature Cuba Libres.

Donna was open a scant year and a half before the fire ravaged its shabby chic interior, leaving its owners to rebuild from the ground up. Its doors will reopen tonight for the first time since November, but co-owner Leif Young Huckman told Paper magazine that in addition to old favorites (including, eventually, the Brooklyn Taco pop-up), the New Donna will have a cocktail-producing frozen drink machine and a selection of large-format punch drinks, together expanding the menu to 20 total offerings.

Huckman added that once the bar gets back into the swing of things, he'd like to incorporate a daytime coffee menu, as well as crank up the nightlife action. "We like utilizing local DJs rather than names; we really want to create an environment for people to hang out with each other as opposed to creating like a venue," he said.

Donna is located at 27 Broadway. It will reopen on Saturday at 4 p.m.

[h/t Eater]