BrisketTown, which opened in 2012 as part of the early Williamsburg BBQ explosion, will close this weekend. Owner Dan Delaney sent word that their final day will be this Sunday, March 5th, after which they'll pack up the smokers and hand over the keys... the building can be demolished by developers. Fucking Williamsburg.

Delaney reveals that the building that houses the small 'cue shop was purchased in 2015, rendering the restaurant's future uncertain. "We fought for our lease, but ultimately, the group was intent on knocking down the building to develop on the property," Delaney writes.

Breathtaking Brisket & Magical Mac & Cheese >>>>>>>>>>> Some new douche-bro bachelor pad.

Briskettown (Paul Quitoriano/Gothamist)

Delaney's operation has expanded well beyond its small Bedford Avenue home. What started as a pop-up begat the restaurant and catering business, a retail sidepiece selling sausages, a fried chicken offshoot in Manhattan, and back full circle to a BBQ pop-up in Jersey City.

Before we start pouring out the BBQ sauce, Delaney promises this isn't the end of BrisketTown altogether.

"Now, we'll embark on the next chapter: Building a new, bigger, and better restaurant," he says. "While our new home hasn't been selected, everyone on our team is considering this a move, rather than a closure. We hope to announce the next phase soon."

Swing by for one last bite of their Central Texas 'cue while you can.