There is some dastardly dumpling drama brewing in Williamsburg today. Yesterday, Eater reported that the Bedford Ave outpost of beloved eatery Vanessa's Dumpling House was shuttered by the city, and now North Brooklyn will have to find a new place to sate the drunchies post-Skinny Dennis. LIFE IS SO CRUEL.

Sources say Vanessa's is still closed today, and some fear the sesame pancake sandwiches are dead and gone forever, with a sign out front noting the restaurant was shut down for "for "operating illegally". An employee at the Vanessa's on the Lower East Side told us they'll be re-opening on Monday, though an employee at the East Village outpost said the Williamsburg spot was open today (it's not). And so, we have confusion, sadness, anxiety, mixed messages, and dumpling lust. Things are difficult today.