The Williamsburg restaurateur accused of getting involved in a Methylone drug ring says it was all a total misunderstanding, everyone, go home, nothing to see here!

Carl McCoy, who runs Gwynett St. on Graham Ave, was arrested this week for allegedly making a deal to accept a package of synthetic Methylone from China; feds reportedly said that he agreed to pass the package off to a drug dealer connection in exchange for $1,000. Both the Daily News and the Post reported that McCoy admitted he'd gotten involved in the ring thanks to financial difficulties, and he was released on bail on Wednesday after turning in his alleged co-conspirator.

In statements to Eater NY and the Daily News, though, McCoy said the incident is a "complete misunderstanding," and that he never confessed to any crime. As per Eater NY:

As people may be aware, some unfortunate accusations and claims have been made against me and my character. I would like to state for the record this entire episode stems from a tragic abuse by someone I have known for years. This started when a friend requested a package to be delivered to my business. I declined this request, and yet an item was sent anyways which was of interest to the federal authorities. The resulting report and information cited are from my attempt to rectify this situation by working together with the appropriate authorities. At no time would I ever undertake the accused activities for personal or professional gain. Thank you for your understanding.