Since the recession began some restaurants have been toying with the "pay what you want" concept (most notably Panera Bread) but now the trend is making its way to Williamsburg. Starting on November 4th Paula Douralas, the owner of the Santorini Grill in Williamsburg, is going to be offering a "Greek Bailout" at her restaurant, where diners will be able to pay what they want. Right now she's planning on only doing it for a month but she tells us that "if it pays my bills I'm not stopping." Hungry occupiers who don't dig the free grub down on Wall Street should love this.

The deal, which kicks off on the restaurant's fourth anniversary, is as simple and kindhearted as it sounds. Eat in the restaurant for lunch or dinner and pay what you can. "I was brought up by my mother and grandmother that we help each other," Douralas told us. "We give and we take, we don't only take. I've been giving all my life, not much because I'm not rich, but whatever I can give."

Making the whole deal even better is that the restaurant's food is tasty too. A TV production staffer in Greenpoint whose show orders from the restaurant regularly tells us the joint's fare is "consistently delicious," all the more impressive since "when you're ordering for over a hundred that almost never happens."

But, before you start planning to never pay for food again, note that there are a few exceptions! This deal does not count for take-out or delivery food and it does not include drinks or alcohol ("I'm not crazy!" laughed Douralas). And you darn well better remember to tip your waitstaff. Still, if it goes well, the policy won't end in November. Douralas says this isn't a stunt, she just feels people are hurting out there and this is what she can do. "If I can pay my rent and my electricity than I'm not going to stop it because I really feel we all need help," she said. "All of us. Except the millionaires. They need a baseball bat up the heads."