Vinnie's Pizza in Williamsburg continues their longstanding tradition of brilliant signage with the recent addition of these punny pizza special boards. Care for a slice of Zoolander-inspired Bleu Steel? Perhaps you'd like a Slice Aquatic, instead. We spoke to artist and Vinnie's co-owner Sean Berthiaume about the mini-masterpieces.

"I got sick of just doing the same special every day," he said. "I'm a comic artist, and I'm obsessed with puns—plus, we're all pretty big pop-culture junkies here, so one day I just started to draw." Berthiaume sometimes thinks of the special and then the drawing, but it works in the reverse, too, and his ideas usually come to him when he's in the shower in the morning. "A lot of them are based on stuff I love—I can't get enough of Breaking Bad," he explains, "but others just end up being stuff that fits—there's a Whoopi Golberg Sister Act one, and that movie's okay, but I wouldn't say I'm a huge Whoopi fan," he laughs.

Berthiaume says he draws a new board 4-5 times a week (way more impressive than Two Boots's custom celebrity pies which haven't changed in ages), but he won't divulge who he has planned for future specials. "You'll have to come by the shop and see for yourself!" As for turning any profits off the work, sadly, no one's buying: "I haven't gotten any offers. But if I did, we could probably work something out. It might make all these dry erase marker marks all over my hands and clothes worth it."