Another Williamsburg watering hole is biting the dust. Bedford and Bowery reports that tonight will be The Abbey's last night open. The Abbey, located at 536 Driggs Avenue, will be renovated completely by the building owner, as the site notes. The Abbey management, which according to Bedford and Bowery also owns the Charleston, Alligator Lounge, Crocodile Lounge, Nowhere, and Metropolitan, could not immediately be reached for a comment.

Open since 1997, The Abbey particularly became known for its queer Sunday parties, especially in the early aughts. Up until its closure, it's been a consistently low-key and relatively inexpensive place to grab a drink in a neighborhood that becomes more staggeringly expensive by the day.

A bartender noted in the report that tonight's blowout will include an open mic and barbecue. Grab the mic and a hot dog, then head over to Rosemary's Greenpoint Tavern—another neighborhood dive that's also closing tonight—to pay your respects.