La Superior owner Felipe Mendez expands on his Cerveceria Havemeyer restaurant in Williamsburg next week, opening up a new space devoted to Mexican pantry items, mezcal and music.

La Milagrosa Agave Bar and Listening Room (opening Wednesday) packs a lot of concepts into one space. From the outside, it looks and functions like a "Mexican deli," as the press release puts it, selling ingredients like dried chilies, chorizo and prickly pear, alongside bottled sauces made by Mendez that he uses at the restaurant next door. This'll also be home to a coffee and juice bar.

In the back, however, Mendez created a "secret," exclusive bar that's accessible through a freezer door located inside the deli. For access, you'll have to call to make a reservation for the intimate space, which features a curved wood ceiling that's supposed to maximize the acoustics of the room.

Mendez is a bit of a music freak, which explains the specifically-constructed room. He's a musician and DJ with regular appearances at The Lot radio and reportedly owns about 15,000 vinyl records. He'll be booking both DJs and live performers to soundtrack the bar.

Agave-based spirits are the focus of the bar program, with ceviches and other small dishes to eat.

149 Havemeyer Street, Williamsburg, (718) 599-1499