It's the summer of the recall! First eggs and alfalfa sprouts, and now cheese. A Williamsburg cheese manufacturer—who says, “If you’ve eaten Mexican food here, you’ve eaten our cheese"—recalled two products after bacteria was found in them, according to the Brooklyn Paper. The bacteria was discovered by the Rhode Island Health Department, who believed it could grow into “Listeria monocytogene," which can be serious, or even fatal for the very young and old.

If you have any of the Azteca Linda Corporation’s Queso Fresco white cheese and Queso Hebra string cheese, with a September 11 expiration date, you're gonna want to toss it. The company seems to be in the clear otherwise, however, with the paper noting that "the New York State Department of Agriculture and Markets hasn’t found any traces of the really bad bacteria—Listeria and Salmonella among them—since the corporation opened in 1999."