Michael "Mike the Butcher" Virtuoso, who owns old-school Williamsburg butcher shop Graham Ave Meats & Deli, has unexpectedly pleaded guilty to extortion charges thanks to his side business as a loanshark for the Bonanno mafia.

"Although I did not threaten him, it was understood that harm would be used if he did not pay," said Virtuoso in court yesterday. He plead guilty to a single extortion conspiracy count, following the FBI's discovery of a "Mafia scrapbook" he kept in the store.

Virtuoso now faces 33 months in prison and $1000 in restitution to an unnamed victim, and under the plea agreement his defense attorney is working out, he will also have to forfeit the $24,000 in cash the feds found in the shop. We called the shop for comment and were met with a solid "we're not interested in talking," even after we professed our undying devotion to the Godfather sandwich (seriously: it's AMAZING). Cold-cut lovers, at the very least, we can tell you to breathe easy: day-to-day business is carrying on as usual.