Southside Williamsburg bar Crown Vic, which draws huge crowds to its enormous backyard, taco truck, and bocce, is closing. A bartender at the bar tells us, "It's 100% [closing], it's just a question of when." The bartender, who did not want to be named because employees have been told to keep quiet about the closure, said there's hope the bar can hang on for one more summer, but that is uncertain.

The reason for the closure, according to the bartender, is that the property owner has sold the sizable lot, which was formerly used as parking for taxis. According to DOB records, the owner of the property is JBJ LLC, which is registered under Long Island-based landlord Bruce Terzano. Terzano did not respond to multiple requests for comment.

A rumor is circulating that the neighboring bar and cafe Freehold intends to expand into the Crown Vic space, but when asked about this, Freehold's Eric Eim declined to comment. In October of 2015, The Real Deal reported that Terzano owns the Freehold property, and was being sued for backing out of a deal to sell the Crown Vic lot, and others on the block, to investor Shulem Herman.

One Williamsburg business owner tells us today that the Crown Vic lot "was bought by a large NYC-based developer and they want to start immediate construction on a major project on the site." The source says Crown Vic will close by the end of May.

Asked about all of this, Crown Vic's owners issued a statement saying, "Williamsburg's 'Appetite for Construction' meant that a sprawling backyard like Crown Vic's couldn't last. Our endless summer days are numbered. Come join us for a farewell drink."

Crown Vic received considerable negative attention in November, when a woman accused bar employees of refusing to help her after she was assaulted outside the establishment. The owners issued an apology and fired the employees involved.