Thanks to the out of control WiP club fight this week that involved Drake, Chris Brown, their respective entourages, basketball player Tony Parker, unsuspecting Australian tourists, blood-soaked SUV's, possible coke boogers, and Rihanna's reputation, bottle service as we know it may be at an end! City Council Speaker Christine Quinn called for an emergency meeting with the NYPD and nightclub owners to discuss the scourge that is bottle service.

"The purpose of this meeting is to send a clear message to all nightclub patrons that bottles cannot be used as weapons and to determine if the guidelines surrounding bottle service need to be updated or reworked," Quinn said in a statement. Senator Tom Duane agreed with her in a statement: "This is not the wild west. This is the west side of Manhattan. Bar fights, bottles being used, they are not permitted. There is some fear and trepidation from us, from the police department and the other nightlife establishments that this may not be a responsible establishment."

Nightclub owners shot back: “It’s one incident, and I think to try and overregulate and become a nanny state is pretty absurd,” Dominick D’Alleva, who owns Sway on Spring Street, told the Post. “The vast majority of clubs have no problems. Before you know it, New York City is going to become not the nightlife capital.” Dear lord, do you grasp the enormity of what this means? NYC could become NOT the nightlife capital.

Quinn added that the NYPD and the Nightlife Association were set to meet next week. Now, this is certainly not the first time that bottle service has reportedly faced extinction, only to thrive thanks to the insecurity of people who think a 2000% markup on booze is über-cool. And anyway, this would really ruin a lot of Jay-Z's upcoming ventures.