gnudi.jpgThe New York City Triathlon is this Sunday and for the 3,000 plus competitors who have the pleasure (privilege? punishment?) of taking a swim in the mighty Hudson at the crack of down, ingesting carbs is a priority between now and then. So what are some of the best pasta dishes in the city to fuel these athletes? Here are our suggestions.

  • Michael Psiliakis' gnudi (pictured) at Mia Dona is a plate of mushroomy truffle goodness with crispy proscuitto tossed in for good measure.
  • The malfatti at Al di La, a delicate swiss chard and ricotta gnocchi with brown butter and sage is filling, but still light.
  • Frankies 457 Spuntino'scavatelli with Faicco's hot sausage and sage butter has just enough of the spice factor.
  • Otto's pasta alla norma is simple and comforting mix of fresh ricotta, roasted eggplant, and tomato.
  • The carbonara at Crispo is rumored among Chowhounds to be good , but some first-hand investigation is still required.
  • Any pasta at Babbo or Felidia should do the trick, as they are consistently delicious. Babbo's goose liver ravioli, as decadent and plate-lickingly good as it is, might be a little too rich for pre-race fare.

Any other pasta suggestions to keep the triathletes floating, rolling, and running along?

Photo of Mia Dona gnudi from NYC Nosh.