Local BBQ entrepreneur Dan Delaney, the man behind the wildly popular Brisketlab, is expanding his project with a pop-up location dubbed Brisket Town. This is very exciting news for brisket lovers, as Delaney's BBQ has been a huge hit. Brisketlab, for the uninitiated, is Delaney's "BBQ recipe development series"—participants register in advance to buy a certain amount of brisket by pound, and then pig out at the event, which was held at Brooklyn Winery last time and looks like a lot of fun. (Delaney sold 3,200 pounds of BBQ in just over 48 hours at that one, and 800 would-be brisket-lovers were turned away.)

Delaney, who hails from New Jersey but purchased his massive 18' smoker in Austin, Texas, tells us, "With Brisketlab we wanted to beta-test a food product, and that's hard to do in the NY food scene. People are very critical and ferocious. Now, instead of doing a full restaurant, we decided to do an intermediary thing to give us more time to hone our craft and develop new menu items. We will probably rent out a retail space of our own and turn that into our pop-up shop, and I'm really looking at it as a micro-restaurant, in size and in the quantity of food we put out each day."

Brisket Town's location is still TBD, but Delaney says it will either be in Northern Brooklyn or downtown Manhattan. He plans to sell most of the brisket to those who order in advance; in fact, he's already taking registration from future customers. (Whoever refers the most friends will get a whole brisket to themselves.) "There will be no innovation, as the wheel doesn't need to be reinvented," Delaney promises. "Instead, I'm committed to tireless iteration and refinement at America's oldest food form."

(Courtesy Matthew Kanbergs/Brisketlab)