2005_09_pizza.jpgZagat just released the results from their "What's your favorite New York City walking around food?" and the answer is a resounding "pizza by the slice." Zagat offered respondents six options - pizza by the slice, hot dogs with red onions, soft pretzels with mustard, roasted chestnuts, shwarma (gyro) and Italian ice - and who then had to rank the items. Tim Zagat does tell the Daily News that "maybe" the results were skewed because of the "hot dogs with red onions" option, instead of a basic "hot dog." Just maybe? Gothamist sees more hot dog eaters on the street eating and walking, which is natural since the vendors are on the street. But people need to enter a pizzeria to get a slice, so it seems they tend to eat at the counter (though quickly). Even after a night of Saturday night drinking, the counter is helpful for propping one's self up.

We want to know whether you eat your slices at the counter or while walking? Slice files this news under "duh," and here are the numbers: Pizza by the slice got 43%; hot dogs with onions, 21%; Soft pretzels with mustard, 16%; roasted chestnuts, 8%; shwarma, 6%; Italian ices, any flavor, 6%.