2005_05_cows3.jpgApparently concerned that Gothamist wouldn't understand what The Cows are doing, since they have come today, The Cows made sure their PR firm sent us some details. Apparently, the Coffeemate promotion for its new real milk creamer has a contest that's happening right now, from 10-11AM, in Bryant Park, where you can win $25,000 if you have/do the following things:

- A squeeze cow handed out yesterday that says "Vanilla" or "Hazelnut"
- A printout of this "Corral Entry" form
- Find another person with a different cow (if you have "Vanilla," find a "Hazelnut")
- You and your new partner go to some "challenge" area for something...

Seriously? We have to give it up to anyone who can leave the critical 10-11AM work hour for this promotion, because this promotion requires too much! Okay, we're just bitter because we don't work in Midtown and never had a shot at even getting a squeezy cow.

Gothamist gives the teaser portion an A-, because who doesn't like some benign cow toy posters, and the actual promotion a C+ for having too many complicated steps - it's a promotion, not The Amazing Race. But we give an A to those cow costumed people - they have udders! Gothamist wonders if they went to Bovine University.

Cameraphone picture of Coffeemate Cows from The Cows' PR firm